11 June 2015 @ 12:03 pm
 I love Joni Mitchell. I do. 

And it it breaks my heart this has happened to her: http://www.mercurynews.com/celebrities/ci_28214957/joni-mitchell-suffered-brain-aneurysm?source=rss

That said, I don't wake up a single day without being aware that it could happen to me before I go to bed that night.

So no more tolerating being slammed on the Internet. I have enough to deal with without also having people gossip about me for one side of the story.

You don't like how I interacted with someone? I'll produce and post the screen caps of the interaction. I'll also tell you who helped edit and write the emails from my side, after in one case telling me about the other person, "S/he is not reading what you're writing." I never bothered before, but a therapist pointed out I've been protecting someone who in no way was willing to do that for me.

The words used by the therapist were, "threw you to the dogs". 

Oh, wait; I'm supposed to be quiet about everything? Public and locked posts were made about me, but I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut?

 I have been lied to and about, dropped as a friend, had promises repeatedly broken, and the few people who were aware of everything never said a word. Some of them for good reasons. Some for crappy ones.  

But don't you dare tell me I should be quiet because I'll just stir things up again. You wouldn't stand up for me, by God and all his angels, do not ever tell me I don't have the right to stand up for myself.

And if I have to show screen caps of every conversation I still have a record of in the process, I will.

if you don't like it, consider your own actions, if any, that might be relevant to what you believe I'm talking about before you dare talk to me.

i stopped being a Catholic because of the church and how it treated me. But a damned good portion of what drove me from Christianity was the behavior of so called Christians online.  

You don't get to judge me until you hear both sides.

Do I plan, at this moment, to do anything more in particular?


But I have plans in case I have to.

That is a statement, not a threat. I don't bother with threats. I've been blackmailed and that's too close.

Just be aware. I'm done putting up with shit online. I'm done not responding to posts.

Im not perfect. But I saved enough records, just in case, to show what did happen in various cases. 
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