13 June 2015 @ 02:05 pm
free unlimited icons for RP use  
Hello, true believers! Kat here, contributing to your bank account.

I've set up a gallery system at http://mirkat.net/gallery/.

So how does it work?

First, you need to know the code you'll use, so here's a mini-tutorial.

When you are starting to make a post OR a comment, the FIRST THING you put in is this:

[IMG SRC="whatever" ALIGN="left" HSPACE="10" VSPACE="10" STYLE="BORDER:2px solid black;"]

Obviously, the brackets are swapped for arrows.

What will it looks like? Something like this:

And the text will be next to it, rather than beneath it. As with any image, you can add a border to the icon if you like and choose to insert it into the above code. I've put the html for a border into the above code, as I personally like the look. I think it makes the icon look more formal, sets it off a bit.

But what about image hosting? Sadly, you can't register yourself with the gallery--but I'll take care of that for you.

If you're interested? Comment here with the following information:
- your email address
- what you want for a username
- the names of EVERY account--not the character, the ACCOUNT name--that you'll be using this with, and the game that each account belongs to; I'm keeping the folders in the gallery organized.

I'll set it up and send you an email with a pre-set password. Once you login, you can change it.

Also, this brings up the question: what about the default icon? It can be a bit jarring to have two icons in one place. So there will be an album labelled Game Icons; a link to it will be included in your email. You can download the appropriate one.

In my case, I plan to use one for the account [personal profile] just_a_phase with Kitty Pryde's name, a divider, then her codename. (See here.)  I suggest this as the most pleasant-looking option.

I'm making an icon that can be used as a default one for every game that has a player hosting images in an album.

You may also upload images that include profile banners or game-related images, but I ask you, please, to only use things for that.

You may also use this for your own personal journals, but  I need to know a) that it is for a personal journal and b) all the other information listed for RP accounts, minus what game the journal goes to.

Please note: there will be a paypal donation button on the main page.  If you should wish to donate a small sum, no more EVER than $5 would I feel comfortable with, in order to help with hosting costs, it is appreciated.  IT IS NOT IN ANY WAY REQUIRED. DO NOT FEEL GUILTY OR LIKE YOU SHOULD NOT ASK TO USE THIS IF YOU DO NOT PLAN OR ARE UNABLE TO DONATE. MY GOAL IS TO HELP YOU SAVE MONEY.