AJ is awesome and has written me, like, three Frank/Nancy stories, so I repay her with one.  That I have a feeling is going to be a bit, um, long.  But that's okay.

Title: The Risk to Bloom

Pairing: Frank Hardy/Nancy Drew

Summary: A case requires an older Nancy and Frank to once again pose as a married couple.  But this time there’s no Bess nor Joe to be distractions, and the nature of the case itself helps bring feelings that have been long-buried to the surface again.  Sometimes you have to accept that doing what’s best for you might hurt someone else...and you have to do it anyway.


* ~ * ~ *


And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.

-- Anaïs Nin

* ~ * ~ *
Title: The Uneasy Path
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia (Books)
Series: The Harder Choice, The Greater Reward
Rating: T – changed due to future discussion of serious topics that might not be appropriate for those under the age of 13
Word Count: To be added later.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but the plot. I make no money. I write out of love only, and I hope I don't make Lewis roll over too many times in his grave.
Notes: I apologize for the extreme delay; my various treatments for my health problems are as bad as the diseases themselves, really, and they've been very hard one me. On top of that, my insurance is using dirty tactics to try and deny paying for parts of it. Real life, by necessity and sanity, must come first, but I promise this story will be finished. I now have a regular update schedule. :D
Other Parts | Table of Contents:
Distant Prologue: The Little Hellcat of the North*
Immediate Prologue: The Balance of Justice and Mercy*
Chapter 01: What Happened in Caspian's Cabin
Chapter 02: Lucy and Caspian Discuss the Choice
Chapter 03: The Discussion of Two Kings
Chapter 04: The Parting at the Edge of the Sea

Chapter 05: What Happened In The Queen's Cabin <--NEW 
Chapter 06: Edmund and the Painting <--NEW
Chapter 07: The Return to Ramandu's Island

* Both The Little Hellcat of the North and The Balance of Justice and Mercy can also be viewed as stand-alones; The Little Hellcat of the North is part of my Myths of Narnia series, which I will write more of. This one is the Calormene's version of the defeat of the White Witch, as well as a Calormene Lord coming to the Cair to court the youngest queen, and what happens.
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10 February 2013 @ 03:12 am
I have tons others, but these are the ones I'm inclined towards choosing from:

- The Avengers: Cracktastic humor fic, with Scarlet Witch having joined the team and Thor being very confused a) about mutants and b) about how he is portrayed in And Another Thing by Eoin Colfer. Tony teases him mercilessly. Thor actually ends up a rock star and doing the new guy in the wacky Old Spice commercials. Still very confused the entire time.

- 2009 Trek: Spock/Kirk, in which Spock discovers (after having bonded with Kirk) that he has been named guardian of a Vulcan child whose parents did not survive Vulcan's destruction. Hard choices all around. Worse, it's a girl. "No one in their right mind should let me be ANY sort of parental figure to a girl, Spock! Do you know how many fathers literally pointed phasers or actual, working shotguns at me?!" "I would prefer not to. Jim. My bondmate." "...I'm not getting any tonight, am I?" "It seems you are not always illogical after all." "Fuck." "No. Not fuck, Jim." "*headdesk*"

- 2009 Trek: Always-a-girl!Kirk and Spock meet pre-Academy as teens. Sequel to a fic by 13Empress on LJ and I am so sorry I forgot your DW username. Fic is outlined in parts, but only some are written. (If you'd like to read the fic it's a sequel to, go here and then read the top four posts. Though the last part is the top post, and the first one is the fourth, as it was posted first. ...You didn't need me to tell you that, but whatever.)

ETA: Oh. Yeah. I owe desert_vixen an au where Callie explodes instead of Iola, and it eventually leads to OTP Frank/Nancy awesomeness. ...look, I'm on a high from discovering Her Interactive is putting serious Nancy/Frank moments in recent games. Don't judge me. I was wishing for that forever. This means my other wish, of adult mysteries with Nancy and Frank actually truly together, will come true! ...leave me my delusions. *sulks*

* My mother keeps calling me, "Kitten". I swear she's figured out a way, even blind, to read comics. Just to pain me. (I don't much feel like reading comics myself these days, mind. But.)