$20 + whatever cost of shipping for 8.5 lbs from me to you is.

Slightly superficial scratches on the board on the left top, has no affect on the functionality at all; I kept a cover over it and never noticed once they were there until I took it off.

Willing to SLIGHTLY negotiate the price.

Comment or email if interested. :)
I listed my blue Game Boy Advance SP with the GBA game Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories for sale on eBay here.

It's in like-new condition, and it's also the cheapest one available on eBay--not to mention the fact that MINE comes with a game.

Downside: I don't have the original power cord. It disappeared.

Upside: if you search for a game boy advance sp power cord on Amazon, you'll find several for various prices under $3. Some are as low as a penny, some are only 52 cents, etc. So you're not exactly going to spend a fortune to acquire said power cord.

Plus, again, you get a game. (Well, two games; once you finish Chain of Memories, there's a second complete game that you can play that's very different.)

It would help me out a lot if someone would buy it. :)
I managed to get one of the 8 packs--8 different perfumes in vials, each vial holding 2 ml--when they were on sale.

I'm selling them individually, and first dibs goes to the FList. So.

Each vial is $5. (It sounds like a lot, but 2 ml is a lot more liquid than I thought it was. This will last you a good long while.)

If you buy more than one, they're $4 a piece. Shipping is, um--well, it depends how many you buy. I'll tell you after you claim the ones you want how much your shipping will be.

First comment, first served.

The scents are:

- Tuca Tuca
- Lust
- Breath of God
- The Smell of Freedom
- Imogen Rose
- Karma
- Vanillary
- Orange Blossom

No limit on how many you buy. Like I said, the first person who grabs them in a comment gets them.

Have at! And after you comment and have it settled for what you're buying, I'll work out the shipping and send you an invoice. So I'll need your email address too.

*Lots more Lush stuff to come, not ot mention books and comic books. I have to move the first week in July, and I a) need less stuff and b) need more cash. Because I'm as broke as it gets. Ahahaha.